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Bratislava is open and hospitable but with no pitfalls of many other big cities. It is vibrant and full of people living for the moment. It is also a location where you could turn off, relax and forget regarding your daily stresses. Everything is close and within easy reach. One minute you may enjoy the view of the majestic Cathedral. The next, you are able to sample traditional or contemporary cuisine, followed by a freshly brewed espresso in one of numerous cafés in picturesque narrow streets and squares. The ancient wine cellars, scattered across the city centre, offer wine tasting with a difference.

Bratislava is really a place that has something for all. For lovers of background and arts, for admirers of opera or concert virtuosos, you can also get independent authentic culture in addition to live multi-genre music in lots of clubs and music bars. JkslovakAdventures is also the town of beer lovers. There are numerous cosy small breweries located in the Old Town.

Should you be looking for fresh air, combine it with the opportunity to shop and require a short walk from your city centre to modern shopping centers found on both banks in the Danube. They are open seven days per week and present a number of shopping experience from designer brands to gift shops selling small gifts for your loved ones that one could pack alongside the unforgettable memories of the city.

Bratislava doesn’t provoke admiring swoons; it intrigues. In the midst of Slovakia’s capital, a flying saucer hovers above forest-fringed riverbanks. Its castle presides over a pastel-hued old town, but a concrete jungle looms behind. Inspite of the march of modernism, Bratislava is green. It banks the Danube River, by the Austrian border, as well as its hilly parks are threaded with hiking and biking trails. The Male Karpaty (Small Carpathians) roll north, with vineyards within their lowlands.

Not surprising Bratislava seems like a frenetic combination of wild and urban, classic and contemporary: it became capital of newly independent Slovakia only in 1993. Bratislava preserved spires and squares looking at the 18th-century heyday, but now socialist-era monuments (plus an eyebrow-raising cast of statues) have joined the party. Talking about which, Bratislava’s nightlife is crowd-pleasing whether you prefer beer halls, rooftop cocktails or stag-party mayhem. In a city this exciting, who needs postcard pretty?

Bratislava is a great place to run out of money. Prices inside the Slovakian capital are far below in western Europe: hostel dorms start at €12, double rooms could be snapped up for less than €40, good meals will cost you bvzgxv €10 and in terms of the beer, it’s usually cheaper, millilitre for millilitre, than water. If times are tight on the travels, you can still enjoy Bratislava without spending any cash whatsoever. Here’s our guide to seeing the city at no cost.

Among the best activities in Bratislava is simply soaking in the delightful Old Town views, either by strolling the labyrinthine cobbled streets, lingering on the Hlavné Námestie (Main Square), or clambering up high to get a birds-eye view. If you’re going for broke, there’s no better way to start checking out the city compared to the excellent, well-established tours. Setting off on fun and informative free tours of Old Town sights at 11am and 3pm daily, additionally they offer pub-crawls and tours of Communist sights, though for these particular you should part with some cash.

Bratislava Castle. The larger, loveable white box on the hill high higher than the Danube defines the Bratislava skyline, but it’s no secret that, despite its good looks externally, venturing into Bratislava Castle really isn’t the most effective use of your euros. Keep them well stashed and instead show up for the castle grounds for that fantastic views on the Old Town, the Danube and the vast housing estate of Petržalka on the river’s far bank. You are able to wander each of the outer castle grounds here for free and, on the back down through the eastern outer walls, meander through the small but beautiful old Jewish Quarter.

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